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Latest Funding Trends
Raising the Bar
Details of the new “Raise the Bar: Lead the World” initiative
FY23 Funds Increase
See how K-12 federal funding has increased for Fiscal Year 2023.

Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation Grants

  • Well Rounded
  • AL,
  • AK,
  • AZ,
  • AR,
  • CA,
  • CO,
  • DE,
  • FL,
  • GA,
  • ID,
  • IL,
  • IN,
  • KS,
  • KY,
  • LA,
  • MD,
  • MI,
  • MS,
  • MO,
  • MT,
  • NE,
  • NV,
  • NM,
  • NC,
  • OH,
  • OR,
  • SC,
  • TN,
  • TX,
  • UT,
  • VA,
  • WA,
  • WV,
  • WI,
  • WY

Focused on scalable and innovative solutions to help create communities free of hunger and waste.


501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organizations


Relatives As Parents Program

  • Well Rounded,
  • College & Career Readiness,
  • Extended Learning

For support to start new or expand current supportive services to relative caregivers and the children they are raising, with emphasis on relative caregiving families that are not in the formal foster care system. 


Nonprofit organizations throughout the United States Public state agencies are also eligible to apply for support to generate new relative caregiver activities, locally and statewide.

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